Thoughts on revolutionary struggle, epistemology, science, and the path forward. Older writing does not reflect my current views, but rather act as an archive of my political education and trajectory. We are all, always, still learning and still struggling.

For revolution. For a future.

“The intellectuals often tend to be subjective and individualistic, impractical in their thinking and irresolute in action until they have thrown themselves heart and soul into mass revolutionary struggles, or made up their minds to serve the interests of the masses and become one with them. Hence although the mass of revolutionary intellectuals in China can play a vanguard role or serve as a link with the masses, not all of them will remain revolutionaries to the end. Some will drop out of the revolutionary ranks at critical moments and become passive, while a few may even become enemies of the revolution. The intellectuals can overcome their shortcomings only in mass struggles over a long period.” – Mao